Welcome to Swan NeuroTech

We are a start-up advancing nerve regeneration

Advanced Biomaterials for Nerve Regeneration

Our mission

We are dedicated to developing innovative technologies for nerve repair and regeneration

our target

Peripheral nerve injuries are common results of trauma, cancer, and chronic disease, leading to $20B in annual US health care costs

our solution

We have developed biodegradable drug-delivery implants to regenerate injured nerves

Swan NeuroTech is developing a portfolio of biomaterial-based drug delivery technologies

nerve graft  conduits

Tunable polymer chemistry for improved mechanical properties

controlled drug delivery

Polymer microsphere technology for optimized drug release kinetics


Additive manufacturing using proprietary polymer dipping technology

biodegradable materials

Long duration implants with safe degradation products

Meet our Team

Get to know our Management Team and Advisors

Kacey Marra, PhD

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Kacey is an scientific innovator in regenerative medicine, drug-delivery, and polymer science. She is a tenured Professor in the Departments of Plastic Surgery and Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh.

Jeremy Kimmel, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy is an experienced leader in business strategy, product development, and commercialization. He has helped launch numerous implantable medical products in the United States and Europe.

Anthony Windebank, MD

Clinical Advisor

Kia Washington, MD

Clinical Advisor

Steve Winowich

Business Advisor

Arta Kelmendi-Doko, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Pamela Vidmar, MBA

Business Advisor

Rachel Allen-Lorey

Corporate Counsel, Business Advisor

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